Divinyls (combination of divinity & vinyl figures) is a collectable toy series I designed. Growing up I always had an interest in ancient mythology from different cultures, and for this project I chose Aztec gods because of their unique lore and bright colours.

Asset 1.png

From left to right: Huitzilopochtii (Weetz-ee-loh-POSHT-lee) - God of War, Quetzalcoatl (Ketsal-ko-a-tl) - God of Life, Tonatiuh (Toh-nah-tee-uh) - God of the Sun


I created the illustrations for the 3D models on a 2D template which is called a UV map. It was a fun process learning how to adjust the proportions of the artwork so it could wrap around each part of the model correctly. I chose the colours of the Gods based on how they are depicted in Aztec artistry, and designed them based on their descriptions.   


The packaging design for the toys stand alone, yet have a completed look when placed next to each other. The aim behind the design was to reflect the fascination for the stars and space the Aztecs had, while communicating a โ€œGodlyโ€ touch. The symbology on the packaging straight away communicates the theme of the set. 


Finally, I created an A3 sized promotional poster for the Divinyls range.