ARE YOU In need of a knowledgable Dungeon Master to guide you throughout your perilous adventure..?

Orcward Quests is a contemporary party & entertainment service established in Perth, Western Australia. Orcward Quests will bring a unique and fun campaign of the classic fantasy tabletop RPG game Dungeons & Dragons to your next party event!



Orcward Quests’ three brand attributes are the personality behind the business. This logo captures the mischievous, inquisitive and comical characteristics of the brand, which suit the primary audience; young adventurers ready to play Dungeons and Dragons.



The concept behind the orc character originated from the word “orcward”. Oli the Orc is a nerdy, awkward but happy kid who loves tabletop games.

Oli is also a cosplayer, cosplaying his favourite character from the original Dungeons and Dragons animated series, the Dungeon Master.

The colour palette was chosen to visually communicate adventure and forests. The colour for the text symbolises gold and treasure, which players are rewarded with throughout the game. Orcs are also associated with the colour green, as seen in fantasy depictions in the media.



I had the opportunity to create a fun and bold illustration for OQ. My main focus was to tell an adventurous story without words, and relate it back to the viewer.

So we created a “brave” party of six different DnD characters, and threw them into a perilous situation involving an angry yet classic boss.

Each character is illustrated to show their personality through their reactions to this terrifying monster.


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